Company Formation

How can Company Formation Services process help your business to grow?

Company formation is one of the events from which company needs to go through every single year. If you are planning company formation in UAE you must need to go through the required procedure.

We are here to help you in that step which includes legal company branch registration in foreign. Our team will take care of your administrative and other legal requirements. We will handle the registration process and we’ll be there till you get your license. We will provide good guidance on formation process. Our feedback says we are good guiders.

Management Consultancy

Management Consulting that Reinforces your Business Financial Structure

Management consulting popularly referred to as business consulting aims at improving the effectiveness of business strategies, performances, and processes. Management consulting allows companies to effectively utilize their potential and optimize their overall performance by maximizing their human and financial resources. However, expert management consulting services often come with a hefty price tag attached, making it difficult for small and medium scale companies to acquire.

Bright Commercial Brokers - Consultants is a globally recognized consultancy platform that offers management consulting services to companies of all scales, at reasonable rates. With a plethora of experience and knowledge in the consultancy landscape, our objective is to offer credible and cost-effective management consulting services that cater to an international clientele.

Accounting Services

Understanding your Financial Needs and Implementing Effective Solutions

Irrespective of the size of your business, an effective accounting and financial reporting system is vital to underpin your company’s growth. However, this can be time-consuming and requires the expertise of a certified finance consultant. Most small or mid-sized companies can’t allocate an adequate budget to hire a full time accountant and appointing a freelancer often lacks reliability, efficiency, and consistency. That is where Bright Commercial Brokers - Consultants fills in the void by combining the wealth of knowledge of highly experienced and certified individuals, and the synergy, scale and consistency that cannot be matched by freelancers - all this at price that does not burn a hole in your pocket.

Bright Commercial Brokers - Consultants is a leading financial service provider with extensive expertise in corporate financial accounting and reporting. At Golden Falcon Consultants, stay updated with the technology and blend it with skilled labour, allowing us to seamlessly execute a gamut of accounting services.


Evaluating your Business to Reinforce the Credibility of Your Financial Processes

Putting up an effective auditing system in place is imperative for any business today, as it offers a systematic approach to attain various objectives such as reliable financial reports, security from fraud, misappropriation of assets, maximize ROI and lower the cost of capital. Internal as well as external audits contribute to the value of an enterprise’s audit system in a disparate, but significant way.

Auditing is a continuous and time-consuming task that necessitates the expertise of experienced professionals. However, small and medium scale companies often lack the budget and resources to avail proficient auditors, and hence fail to bring about a systematic approach to their business operations.

Bright Commercial Brokers - Consultants, a leading financial service provider with years of auditing experience to our credit, offer a reliable solution to firms by conducting scalable audits at affordable pricing. Our experts understand the requirements at hand, and evaluate business data and records, verify the compliance according to the preset norms and procedures, and offer effective solutions to increase the value and credibility of the company’s financial system.

Tax Consultation & VAT Return

Precise, Reliable, and Credible Services to Maximize Your Tax Returns

Investing adequate time to organize your tax documents, significantly lowers the chances of coming across any financial errors while filing tax returns. However, businesses often struggle to accomplish this task due to issues like lack of documented control, manually entering the data in the tax form, precise computation, etc. While conglomerates typically outsource tax consulting and VAT filing services, small and medium scale businesses often find it an expensive affair due to budget constraints.

Bright Commercial Brokers - Consultants is an internationally reckoned finance service platform that aims at offering tax consulting and VAT filing services to all scale businesses at reasonable prices. With a bank of experience and a world of knowledge in the financial sphere, we envision to provide credible and cost-effective tax solutions, catering to a global clientele.

Providing Quality Staff and Training

Offering Effective Solutions to Boost Your Accounting Operations

Developing and implementing effective staff training can benefit your employee and your business. By investing in your staff, even on a small training budget, you can drive down costs to your business and help increase sales profits.

Developing and implementing effective staff training can benefit your employee and your business. By investing in your staff, even on a small training budget, you can drive down costs to your business and help increase sales profits.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Are You Looking for BPO Service in UAE? We've Got You Covered!

Bright Commercial Brokers - Consultants is a leading Services provider of BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) in UAE. We at Bright Commercial Brokers - Consultants offer a wide a range of BPO services across various sectors like Insurance and Financial Services, Telecom and etc.

ERP & Accounting Software

Experts in Accounting Software Solutions & Prominent IT Solution Provider

In accounting ERP is the acronym for enterprise planning. ERP could described as a database software package that supports all of a business's processes and operations including manufacturing, marketing, financial, human resources, and so on.